Gardening is like life…

You have to get the foundations right.   So the beds have to be prepared, soil has to be good, it is far more about what the seed goes into than the seed itself.

When we put good foundations into our lives,  our lives will flourish no matter what twists and turns life throws into our path.

Today I kept thinking about the passage in Jeremiah 29.  Speaking to those in slavery – God says “build houses, plant gardens, and eat what they produce, marry and have sons and daughters.”  I am not in slavery I have so much in my life that is wonderful and I am grateful for. But I am not where I thought I would be or doing what I expected. Life has happened with its twists and turns and so here I am planting gardens and eating what my garden produces, raising my children and living a good life.

It’s a good place to be.

Today I planted lots of seeds. Carrot, Beetroot, Vegetable Spaghetti, Calendula, Anise & Nasturtiums. I also planted tomato seedlings. Staked the beans. Cut down the Bougainvillea which was a bit sad as it was looking beautiful. But it did cast shade on the carrot seeds and it was heading over the roof of the garage.


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