Sprouting Adzuki Beans

Adzuki Sprouts go really well with Choy Sum.  They are very similar to mung bean sprouts. Though they are a slightly larger seed and take a day or two longer to sprout.

No seed planting today. The beds needed a bit more work and a large pot had blown over and broken. The plant was the money tree that had originally been in the tiny pot. The plant was fine not damaged at all and I had a large pot spare.  So a bit of tlc and  you would never know the plant been in a disaster. I have moved it into a place out of the wind.

But the beds are ready now so lets hope tomorrow we get some seeds planted.

Poached eggs and a large fresh salad for lunch, dinner however was delicious my friend Ann Jenson’s lentil soup. Check out the new recipe.

Happy gardening RosieG


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