Back from Perth, The garden is still alive, thank you family.

The garden is alive and well, thanks to plenty of rain. The only thing that didn’t survive were the micro greens. I think the verandah got too hot.  We are eating fresh tomatoes every day.

Tonight I cooked Indian food and topped with fresh coriander from the garden and a very simple salad of mizuna lettuce and nasturtium leaves. No dressing on the salad because the leaves themselves have so much flavour.

I don’t eat salad without salad dressing because so much that you buy has so little flavour, but this home grown food doesn’t need any dressing its truly nude food delicious just as it is.

The spinach has gone to seed, the rocket is on its way and the coriander is full of flowers. Last year I had a coriander plant come up on its own and go to seed. I collected all the seeds and popped them in a pepper grinder, they are just about finished. Won’t be long and I will have some more.

This weekend needs to be a big gardening weekend, I have lots of seeds and some prepared ground, and some containers.    I am off to Northern Rivers next week for 4 days.


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