Cleared out a new bed. Silver beet and English Spinach

Silver beet and English Spinach for tea. These are the simplest vegetables to grow and cook. The English Spinach grew in a container. Just need to remember to feed weekly. The Silverbeet just keeps growing and growing.

A Tagine on the gas stove is one of my favorite ways to cook.  I cooked chicken in char sui (chinese barbecue) sauce. Tipped the spinach in, Put the lid on for a few minutes to wilt the leaves. Take the lid off stir through and dinner is cooked.

I have almost cleared out a new bed for my new seeds. It will be when I get back from Perth that I plant them.  In the morning I will cover the new bed with compost and then leave it until I get back.  Will add photos tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am off to Perth to work for two weeks.  I still cook there how can you visit your daughter and not cook.  But no gardening, though I will be bringing back some more cuttings of Lavender and Rosemary.


2 responses to “Cleared out a new bed. Silver beet and English Spinach

  1. yum, looks delicious, you have inspired me to cook with more spinach/silver beet – we used to but no so much now with the little ones. Lovely as always catching up with you on your Perth trip 🙂

  2. Hi Thanks Karen,
    It was great to see you as well. I am planning a page on how to get your children to eat vegies. The main thing is to make them taste nice. So adding some salad dressing or stirring them through the meat dish.
    letting them make the salad is always good they can add yummy things. Or arrange it on their plates. Then as long as they eat one or two leaves they start to get the taste for it. I still have to remind the twins to eat the salad and they are 17. Blessings RosieG.

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