Leafy Greens tonight but not all from the garden…

Out for dinner tonight to the “Sai Tandoori” in Nerang down by the river across from the cinemas.

Lamb Saag my favourite lamb cooked with green leafy spinach. It was delicious.  If you like Indian Food and live close by this place has lovely food. David loved it because there was plenty of meat in each serving.  The man of the house loves his meat.  I just loved the whole meal.

The micro greens are growing well. I snipped some of them off to taste.  They have a lovely intense flavour. I don’t think I will even add salad dressing when we eat them, even the bitter radicchio has quite a sweet taste.  They will be served  Sunday Lunch when Joseph and Linda (my nephew and his girlfriend) visit.

New seeds arrived “Swiss Giant Pansy” which has edible flowers. More Nasturtiums, more beetroot, rocket and radish.  I am off to Perth on Sunday for two weeks so am wondering if it is safe to plant before I go or if I need to wait till I get back.  I am leaving strict watering instructions.  We shall see, I have a very social weekend with lots of visitors. So time might be a big factor.

A busy day tomorrow. Breakfast with Lisa my sister-in-law and lunch with Joan my friend from Sydney. In the afternoon packing for my work trip to Perth. And a watering the garden lesson for my son David.


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