Thinning the plants out and eating them is better than…

replanting them.  The first time I thinned these two rows I used some of the tiny plants in a salad. However most of them were replanted between the rows.  I did the same thing when I thinned out the beetroot and the carrots.  You can see from the photo here that the replanted seeds are only a quarter of the size of those that have been undisturbed.

Thinning the seedlings is also very time consuming and fiddly work. From now on NO Thinning and replanting. It will be all thinning and eating.

Radicchio by itself has a strong bitter taste but with the Choy sum a little purple onion, toasted almonds and a light salad dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. It was delicious.

I made a sponge cake tonight, its for my boss it is his birthday on Monday but I will be in Perth visiting customers. (And Faith my beautiful daughter) Tomorrow I pick up my new work car, which I got to choose.  My boss deserves a nice birthday cake.


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