A Stoved Howtowdie wi Drappit Eggs

One of my favorite recipes.  “A Stoved Howtowdie wi Drappit Eggs” I remember reading this recipe for the first time and thinking  what an earth is it.

It’s a traditional Scottish recipe and the one I use is from a “two fat ladies” cookbook. I’ll put it on the recipe pages tomorrow.

A howtowdie is a young hen, probably deriving from the french “hutaudeau” Stoved again a corruption of the french word “estuvier” to cook it enclosed, and Drappit Eggs are so called because you “drappit them in the water”

It’s no surprise to find a mingling of Scottish and French. The Scots and the French would often join up against the English.

A weird name,  a wonderful dish and one worth making.

The chicken is stuffed with seasoning, browned and then cooked on top of the stove with some stock.  At the end of cooking the chicken is removed, spinach added and once it is wilted the eggs broken into the spinach, the pan covered and the eggs poached in the spinach and stock. This is what makes the dish so delicious.

So look out tomorrow for the recipe.  In tonights dinner instead of spinach I used the last of the beetroot leaves, and the chicken was served with lovely fresh carrots.


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