Soup and Dumplings

How do you make soup from scratch when you work full time and go out all weekend? It’s the same as “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”

On Monday my butcher had some lovely young veal shanks $3.50 each.  So Monday night while I made dinner, I browned the veal shank covered it with water and let it simmer covered for about two hours. Took it off the heat and put the pan straight into the fridge. Sitting it on a wooden board.  About five minutes of effort.

Tuesday night whilst cooking dinner, I chopped one onion and a carrot threw those in. We had pumpkin so chopped a small amount extra and added that. Put in a handful of soup lentils and 2 or 3 handfuls of leafy green vegetables.  I used the beetroot leaves but you can use spinach, silverbeet, cabbage anything green and leafy.  Let it all simmer for about another hour. Back on the board and in the fridge.  About 10 mins of effort.

Wednesday night made dumplings. Added a litre of beef stock to soup, heated it up to a slow boil.  Popped in the dumplings and baked in oven for about half an hour.  Dumplings took about 10 minutes to make.  Baking the dumplings give them a lovely light scone like texture.

So there you go  Mr Coles a family of four fed nutritious food for about $5. With enough for the twins to have Friday night before cadets.

There it is wonderful tasty home made soup full of goodness and flavour. Took very little preparation because it was all done in small amounts.  You can use any kind of meat. A lamb shank, some chicken thighs a couple of pieces of osso bucco.


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