Spinach and Eggs

I have been cooking this dish for years, I’m not sure where it is from, it is  Eastern European perhaps Turkish or Armenian if you know then you can let me know. Wherever it is from it is delicious and is great for a light lunch.

Saute a large sliced onion, when soft add a bunch of spinach or silverbeet leaves. Cover and let spinach cook down. When cooked down add a handful of diced feta cheese.  Using a large spoon or soup ladle make dents in the spinach. Break a whole egg into each space, Cover and cook on a low heat till eggs are cooked.

The cheese melts, the liquid comes out of the spinach and all combines. Served with only crusty bread it makes a delicious lunch or a light meal. The rest of my family ate pies tonight but I can’t or maybe won’t eat them anymore not good for cholesterol. Better to eat eggs and spinach.

One of the spinach plants is going to seed. I am watching it carefully to see if I can collect the seeds ready for planting next year.


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