Cooking Greens Italian Style and the Secret to the Tastiest Pasta.

When you see older Italians on TV shows talking about food and the Nonna starts to cook  pasta, she throws the greens into the pasta and water.  Nobody talks about it, its simply what she does when she cooks the pasta. I love it, its the perfect solution for busy mums.  At the last minute of cooking toss in the greens, and there it is pasta, greens and only one saucepan.

But that is not the best secret for the tastiest Pasta. For beautiful tasting pasta this is what you do.  When the Pasta is cooked, tip it into a colonder. Pour a good slug of Olive oil or a good slab of butter  into the bottom of the pan. When its heated add 3 or 4 chopped cloves of garlic. Cook until just turning brown toss the pasta in quickly before it burns. Stir through and taste 🙂 My favorite is butter but being a dairy free household we normally use olive oil.

When I was 13  I went to France on an exchange trip for three weeks. The food was amazing every night we ate the most wonderful noodles I always had seconds it was so good. I couldn’t eat enough of them.  Then one day years later I cooked pasta,  melted butter added garlic tasted and Viola I was back in France this was the noodles Brigettes  Maman used to make.

Happiness Pasta, Garlic, Butter, Olive Oil, & Leafy Greens.


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