My Babies are 17 no longer babies. A Celebration Dinner

A Celebration the twins are seventeen.  How amazing what a blessing from babies not supposed to survive to two young people who can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a car. We feel so privileged and blessed to have them.

For dinner it was Talitha’s favourite, Jamie Olivers Turkey and Leek Pie.  Made with Chicken, turkey is a bit hard to get at this time of year. And we use walnuts and rosemary instead of chestnuts and sage.  We do cheat using frozen puff pastry.  Its an amazing pie topping. Sprinkle walnuts and rosemary over the 1st piece of pastry, top with the 2nd piece brush with egg and bake on the top of the pie.

Served with home grown carrots, tomatoes, radish, lambs lettuce, mizuna lettuce and mignonette lettuce.  Unbelievable taste and flavour. After eating the carrots I am completely sold on vegie gardening.


2 responses to “My Babies are 17 no longer babies. A Celebration Dinner

  1. Go Rosemary you inspirational woman. Always knew you were a great cook and now using your own fresh produce. Keep up the great work….

    Rebecca H.

    • wow thanks Rebecca, I am having lots of fun and David and the kids laugh and roll their eyes because before every meal I have to take photos.

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