English Spinach, Garlic and Thyme Potatoes.

English Spinach picked from the garden needs hardly any cooking.  Place it into a heat proof jug pour water just off the boil over it, then tip it into a colander and pour cold water over. Thats it.

Last week I made Tabouli with mint and parsley from the garden.  We had quite a bit left so on my cooking night last Friday I tipped the leftover tabouli into the beef mince stirred through an egg. Formed the meat into balls.

Tabouli Beef Patties 

Because this is busy mum’s food it is prepared now. Each ball is placed on a piece of clingwrap, fold the clingwrap over the top of the meatball flatten the ball into a pattie wrap it well into the clingwrap.  When all the patties are well wrapped place them on a tray and into the freezer.  Keep them flat and separate freeze over night. Then put all your frozen patties in their clingwrap and put them into a large ziplock bag for a quick meal when like tonight there is not much time to cook.

It’s the same with potatoes, I never cook one lot of potatoes. So tonight in a hurry late home from work, tossed a sliced onion and crushed garlic into olive oil once it softened I  threw in the cooked potatoes and left it to brown nicely.

The leaves of fresh thyme stirred through gave a fresh flavour.

In 30 mins  The patties are cooked, popped  on top of the spinach and served up with the potatoes. Some raw carrot sticks and a little mayonnaise. Quick easy and lots of fresh food out of the garden.


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