Growing vegies and impacting your world.

I am loving growing and eating my leafy greens.  I am feeling healthy and hopefully my cholesterol is on its way down.  But there is more to growing, cooking and eating your own food.  I was so inspired by the article linked below Will Allen on 3 acres feeds more than a whole community,  Fish and Vegetables.  But he doesn’t just feed them, He is in one of the poorest areas in America and through his tiny farm he teaches others how to grow their own food, how to eat healthy.

Huge profits are made from food, in Australia our supermarkets hold us to ransom they sell so much that has  negligible nutritional value.  They sell fruit and vegies that are polished and perfect,  grown so they can be packed, handled and stored for weeks and months without damage.

Teaching our children to cook healthy food, and to grow vegetables sets them up for life. I love visiting my daughter in Perth, eating her yummy cooking and seeing her fridge and cupboards full of real food.  I love it when my 16 year old gets in the kitchen and makes brownies or an apple pie.

Inspirational article


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