Beetroot and Mung beans

Holidays are over,  It’s been great every thing is growing beautifully.  Lots of leafy greens have been eaten, and lots are growing.

The watercress is growing in a saucer of water. The no-dig garden is thriving. Even the beetroot although it didn’t grow quite like it should, well the tiny beets are tasty and the leaves are full of goodness.

I have lots of leeks in the fridge ready for a leek and potato soup, so half a leek was sliced and sauteed, the beetroot leaves tossed through till cooked and a handful of mung beans finished it off.

The parsley went into the souboise sauce, I love this sauce and with a good handful of curly parsley chopped in its even more delicious.

Hint for chopping a small amount of herbs. Place in a cup and chop with scissors.

The onion and parsley sauce goes really well over cauliflower.


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