Beetroot leaves, mung bean sprouts and a dairy free pumpkin pie.

It’s  a good thing that you can eat beetroot leaves, because I have lots of lovely leaves but no beetroot.  The problem is too much water.  Beetroot does like lots of water, but too much will cause lots of leaves to grow with no swelling of the root.  These beetroot were planted in all the rain we had in a bed that stays damp longer than the rest of the garden.

So we had a lovely salad of beetroot leaves, radicchio leaves, purple onion, mung bean sprouts and a marigold flower.

Pumpkin leaves are edible but need cooking, you only use the new tender leaves and shoots.  I chopped these finely and add them with garlic, onion and a little of the pasta sauce to put over the gnocchi.

Pumpkin pie recipe will come shortly, realized the recipe has some discrepencies and want to re-do and make sure it works properly.  If you want it urgently email me at  and I will send you a recipe that works.


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