A Salad from all the new green leaves in the Garden

A Salad from all the new green leaves in the garden.  Baby Kale, Baby Spinach, Baby Mizuna Lettuce and Baby Choy Sum.  It was the taste of the Baby Choy Sum that inspired me to create another garden bed.  It was so delicious, I had to have more, and the thing I love about Choy Sum is the yellow flowers.  If I didn’t grow more Choy Sum I would never get those gorgeous edible flowers.  Choy Sum to me  looks like it should grow beside the stream in an English Meadow.  So I have to grow more.

We ate it with a middle eastern inspired Goat casserole which had the rest of the chick pea sprouts.  Chickpea sprouts can be used anywhere that you would use cooked or tinned chickpeas. But these are fresh and green very healthy.

To Chargrill Capsicum bake whole in a hot oven till skin is charred, drop in a plastic bag, place in the fridge till cool. Tear the skin off throw away the seeds and break the capsicum into smaller pieces.  Place in olive oil and vinegar with salt, pepper and slivers of garlic.  This can just stay in the fridge and come out every day till its eaten.


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