Leafy greens and a Shoulder of Pork cooked for tomorrow.

Picked lots of small leaves. Beetroot leaves, mini silverbeet leaves, a couple of nasturtium leaves, radicchio lettuce, little bit of parsley and my favourite marigold flowers.

We had a lazy Chicken Curry (made with curry powder)  So lots of fenugreek sprouts went into the leafy greens.

Tomorrow is a busy day after work  I am going down to Broadbeach to pick up my running number for Saturday mornings 10k run in the Gold Coast Marathon.  So tonight I am cooking a shoulder of Pork for tomorrow.

Shoulder of Pork is delicious cooked slow.  Right now this meat is incredibly cheap $3.99 a kilo and I will get at least two meals from this 3kg piece.

I always get the butcher to give it more scores.  Pierce the Pork randomly through the top.  Push slivers of Garlic and Rosemary through into the meat. This gives amazing flavour.  Rub the top of the meat with plenty of salt, a  little olive oil and left over bits of Rosemary.

Turn the oven up to full heat.  Put the Pork in and leave it on full heat for fifteen minutes.  Turn the heat down to 170c or 150c in a fan forced oven.  Cook for two hours pour over a cup of apple juice or a cup of white wine.   Cook for a further hour.   If we were cooking and eating this on the same day,  even though shoulder doesn’t normally give crackling cooked this way you will get a beautiful crisp top that if you love crackling you won’t be able to stop eating.

Follow the same procedure for  a leg of Pork to get beautiful crisp crackling. Its the salt and the high beginning heat that bring the crisp crackling and make that lovely Pork fat so edible that you can’t stop eating it.


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