Fenugreek sprouts salad


Fenugreek sprouts, marigold flowers, fresh curly parsley, and purple onion. Sprinkled with ground coriander seeds. Everything out of the garden except for the onion.

Fenugreek sprouts are so easy to grow. Put a couple of tablespoons of sprouting fenugreek seeds in a jar, leave plenty of room for them to grow. Cover with warm water, not from the tap. Cover jar with a small piece of cloth. Next day pour off the water, rinse with fresh clean water.

Rinse and drain the sprouts twice a day. Place them in a warm airy spot but not in direct sunlight.

I started these Sunday evening and they were ready to eat Thursday 4 days later. Fenugreek has a spicy Indian Curry taste.

Fenugreek is also reported to have many health benefits. It is known to be a lymphatic cleaner. The lymph glands are the cleaners of the body. It runs alongside the blood getting rid of all the waste.

Sprouts are one of the best healthy raw foods.


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