Silverbeet and basil


Cooked Garlic in Olive Oil, then stirred through silverbeet, basil and a sprinkle of chilli. Served this with a gravy beef cooked forever till it falls apart.

I love winter slowcooked meat. The best way to start it is to brown the meat really well, This is what gives that delicious richness. Then add lots of onion to make nice thick gravy. 2kg of meat, 1 litre beef stock a couple of onions. Cook for around three hours in a slow oven with a lid on. There is enough meat for two meals. When you get home home from work just heat it up, cook Gnocchi and add the leafy greens. And like all the best recipes for working mothers it will make another meal. Just watch this space.


2 responses to “Silverbeet and basil

  1. How do you get your children to eats, leafy healthy food?

    • goldcoastlocal

      They have been eating them all their lives. Our plates always have more vegetables than meat. I also always make my own salad dressings from olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt & pepper plus often Garlic, Rosemary, Basil. Toss them with dressing, and some chopped pear or apple and cubes of cheese. You have to create taste and flavour that they will eat.

      I put them in frittata and soup, or just cook them very lightly. I also gave them raw vegies when they were toddlers to snack on. A new way that I’ve seen older Italians on food shows do is throw them in the pasta water at the end of cooking. Drain them then toss the pasta and vegetables in olive oil and garlic.

      It’s all about adding flavour. Thank you for your comment.

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