In a hurry tonight, so a dish of herbs.

Mint, Basil, Italian Parsley, and Curly parsley plus chives. Whizzed up in the blender with garlic and 1/2 a red onion. Stirred through Brown Rice with salad dressing. Quick and Healthy.
“Freshly picked herbs”]

Brown Rice with herbs

The reason I have set myself this challenge is to learn about growing vegetables and for my health. The medicine I am on that prevents breast cancer tumours gives me high cholesterol and osteoporosis. I have more medicine for the osteo but I refuse to take medicine for the cholesterol I keep it under control with diet and running.

I also want to learn about growing healthy food So this will push me to plant, to water and to grow food that is good for me and my family. This is to get me into the discipline and the routine. I will be planting this weekend because when I looked closely at what is growing now, there is a lot of silverbeet, some beetroot leaves and radicchio. So there is also a challenge to my cooking skills.


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