I have been busy over the last week planting seeds.  I entered the yates garden club vegie growing challenge.  It should help me learn what to do and stay focused.  It has been great and already little beetroot shoots are coming up.  I have also planted rocket, coriander and broad beans.

The bed I planted the seeds in had been under the compost pile last year.  Since then it has had mushroom compost piled on it.  I took off the surplus mushroom compost and forked through the bed it is chock full of worms.  Things should grow really well.

I found out today that broad bean seeds go rotten easily and are best not watered after planting. 😦  very sad now, as it has rained almost every day, and when it didn’t rain I watered!!!  They have been in 6 days now so I will know in a few days if they survived.

I also planted lettuce, parsley and basil in a big terracotta dish.


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